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I don’t know what it is about Atlanta but KRISS KROSS, ILLEGAL, and BOW WOW made permanent marks on Hip Hop. The "A", as some would call it has been a metropolis for child rap stars. So it's only appropriate that we introduce who is next on deck! The lil phenom CYPRESS! Hailing from Atlanta, GA from the south side is a young genius who began rapping at the age of 3. How is that possible you say? Well his dad is none other than "Blood Raw", Young Jeezy's alumni artist on CTE/DEF JAM who scored the HUGE hit "LOUIS BAG". So needless to say RAP is in his Blood, LITERALLY!

Cypress, a CHARISMATIC SUPER TALENTED millennium baby is actually no rookie to recording on albums. He made his debut appearance on Ludacris's "Chicken and Beer" album intro at the age of 4 years old in 2003. He made his 2nd appearance on Ludacris's "Release Therapy" album intro in 2006 at the age of 7. This formula has been followed before; Bow Wow also made a similar appearance on Snoop Dog's album as a young child.

Through hard work and a strong drive to succeed Cypress not only excels in the recording booth but also in school. In the fourth grade he was reading on an 8th grade level. However, his mother Misty Fluellen knew Cypress was a special child at an early age and helped guide him to pursue his dream but STRESSED EDUCATION FIRST!!

Signed to Do Good Entertainment owned by industry veterans Tashia Stafford and Nate "Billionheir" Butler,  Cypress is positioned for success!
Watch out for his debut album:


coming soon!!

Cypress's school boy swag / play ground hustle mentality will set a precedence in his generation.

 Let the fun BEGIN!

“Young and Black”


Intro: MLK

I wanna get the language so right

that everybody here will cry out

YESSSS i'm black I'm proud of it

I'm black and beautiful

Verse 1:

They say i won’t make it till i’m 25
that’s why them young boys in the trap got them 45’s
not the 45 the jordan wore in 95 but the 45’s
that get you 25 to life

we tryna make it
misunderstood, generation Z
not hollywood, we highly hood

we digitized, we mobilized,
we colorblind
no use in lying
but i’m black and proud

james brown say it loud
a lot of folks died
to get us here now
mlk keep the dream alive




Verse 2:

black man in the white house
got a black man in the stash house
one presidential , one hood star
both politicking, both cashing out

my skin black my eyes brown
my hoodie up
my pants down
i’m a young rebel
without a cause
i was born a king
i was born a boss

27 bc lived imohtep
first doctor engineer and architect
them pyramids we built that
Washington DC designed that

if i wasn’t a rapper i could be a surgeon
Gifted hands ben carson
getting that paper CJ Walker
first woman millionaire
in AMerica doing it





We've come to far to turn back now

We've come to far to let our hearts grow faint

Now's the time to keep pushing forward

To educate all our kids



black brown red white yellow kids we unified
we the generation martin luther king prophesied

let’s get it right, let’s live the life
let’s move it on, keep hope alive

Rosa parks, Keep sitting down

Get in the way, John Lewis style

i’m thinking big
i could run a nation
i’m thinking big
i could be in space and
i’m young and black
and i’m educated
in the hood
and i was reading pages
ain’t nothing bout me thats
black and lazy
i be in those books
so you can’t fool gaze me
Little Rock Nine
helped pave the way in
i got the baton and i’ma keep on racing



I'm young and Black (10X)

Tashia Stafford
Enlight Entertainment
Artist Fan Info:
Cypress Fan Email: whoiscypress[at]
Cypress Fan Line: 678-744-IRAP (4727)